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  Our skilled instructional designers create customized training materials, job aids, user guides and software simulations. Instructional Design will incorporate a variety of tools such as: CBT / Multi-Media training solutions, Web based training and Distance Learning.
Our Curriculum Development approach is quite thorough. In designing curriculum it goes through five phases.
  Phase I-Needs assessment    

This phase consists of the following tasks: 

Gathering information, determining business requirements  
Interviewing Subject Matter Experts to understand user needs  
Accessing the prototype/test system and user specifications  
Reviewing existing processes, documentation, training and/or applications  
  Phase II – Resource Identification  
  This phase includes the following tasks:  
Matching of consultant qualifications with the client project for best fit  
Identifying and committing client resources, such as Subject Matter Experts to ensure a smooth flow of information between client and consultant  

Phase III – Design

  This phase includes the following tasks:  
Obtaining feedback from client  

Phase IV – Development


This phase includes the following tasks: 

Developing deliverables based on documented requirements  
Preparing materials for testing  
Reporting findings  

Phase V


Completion, signoff and closeout 

Time frame for completion is dependent on availability of internal departments

  Let us create your:  
  Training manuals  
  Job aids and Quick Reference Guides  


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